How it works

Our workshop currently requires appointments. 

Our initiative provides free large group processing workshops in San Francisco 5 to 6 times a year to help residents prepare their citizenship applications.  Workshops are designed to help participants complete their entire citizenship application from start to finish, if clients bring all required documents and information.

These workshops are the easiest, most convenient way to receive proper legal assistance and get the application completed and reviewed all in one day!


During our workshops, participants will receive FREE assistance with:

Step-by-step review of the naturalization process

Assessment of eligibility (qualifications) to apply for citizenship

Citizenship application [N-400 Form] preparation

Help with Fee Waiver application (if qualified), and assistance obtaining public benefits verification letters from the San Francisco Human Services Agency

Application review with an immigration expert

Document packaging and information on application next steps

Access to information on community resources including: financial assistance, English learning, citizenship test preparation, civic engagement opportunities and more!

workshop process

This video explains how our large group processing workshops operate, and will help you understand the steps and requirements needed in order to make the most of your day at our workshops.

How Long Will the Workshop Take?

Our workshops currently require appointments to attend, with a few slots available on the day of the workshop for walk-ins. If you do not have an appointment, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to help you.

All workshop participants will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination (according to current CDC guidelines) and wear a mask for the duration of their time at the workshop.

The entire application process requires 2 to 2.5 hours, and the entire workshop may take longer.  Individuals may even need multiple hours to complete their application and get it reviewed by an immigration expert, depending on their personal situation and language needs. Because there may be a long wait time between registration and receiving assistance, it is important to plan to spend several hours with us.

Is this Workshop Best For Me?

Our in-person workshops are best suited for non-complex, basic cases. If you have a case involving disability waiver applications, extensive criminal history, or excessive trips* outside the United States, please contact our immigration provider organizations  to schedule a free appointment for an individual consultation with an attorney.

*Trips considered excessive include: leaving the U.S. while you were a legal permanent resident for a period of more than 6 months during one trip and/or living for more time outside than inside the U.S. while under legal permanent resident status.

What Should I Bring to the Workshop?

Come prepared for our workshop! Review our list of necessary documents and information you need to bring:




When you arrive at the workshop, you will check-in and confirm your appointment time with us. We advise you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will also verify your COVID-19 vaccination status. 

Please note: if you do not have proof of vaccination at this step, we will kindly ask you to attend a future workshop or make an appointment with on of our immigration partners.


After your pre-registration, you will start the process by providing basic information and stating your language preference. At registration you will receive a blue participant packet and a workshop participant number.


At screening, you will answer a few questions about yourself to determine if you are eligible to apply for citizenship.

Note: Some applicants will be sent to Attorney Consultation (Station 2) for further consultation, others will proceed directly to Form Filling (Station 3.)

Attorney Consultation

If any issues are flagged in the screening process, you will receive a one-on-one consultation with an immigration expert to determine whether you should apply for citizenship and if you need to obtain further assistance beyond the workshop.

Note: This workshop is intended for simple cases. Complex cases will be referred to our immigration provider partners.

Form Filling

If you are ready to start your application, you will get one-on-one assistance filling out your citizenship application (N-400) and fee waiver form (if applicable).  This station will require the most time. We recommend you prepare in advance by completing this N-400 Preparation Form before the workshop.

Note:  Applicants will be helped in order of when their was participant package was received at this station and based on the capacity of volunteer staff to provide assistance in the participant’s desired language.

Attorney Review

All of your forms (citizenship application, fee waiver application, and other supporting documents) are reviewed by an immigration expert to determine if you are ready to submit your application.

Packaging & Check Out

All participants will check out at this station. If your application is complete and has been reviewed, you will get help packaging your documents in a ready-to-mail envelope. Participants that are ready to submit their applications will also receive instructions about the next steps you need to take in order to mail in and submit your application.

Even if you are not ready or eligible to submit your application, everyone will check out at this station and return their participant packet before exiting the workshop.

If your situation is too complicated or we are unable to determine your eligibility to apply for citizenship at the workshop, you will receive a referral for a free office-based consultation with one of our community immigration service providers.

Other Workshop Features:

Free Resource Fair

Live Scan: On-site fingerprinting to obtain court and arrest records for criminal history

Human Services Agency representatives

Learn about our workshop process in your language! 

Check out our informative workshop videos have subtitles in the following languages:

Chinese   |   Spanish   |   Filipino   |   Russian