partnerships are a invaluable component to our success.

In addition to  donations and volunteering, our partners foster opportunities for our program and its participants to truly thrive. No partnership is too big or too small!

Email to begin your partnership with the San Francisco Pathways to Citizenship Initiative today!





Host a Workshop or Event

Our initiative is always in search of new, accessible spaces in San Francisco to host workshops and build community partnerships. Does your organization have the interest and space to host one of our large group processing workshops? Let us know how we can collaborate.

Donate Volunteer Meals

We rely on the support of over 100 volunteers to make each of our large group processing workshops a success. A donation of breakfast and/or lunch meals for all volunteers at a workshop would be greatly appreciated.

Conduct Outreach

The San Francisco Pathways to Citizenship Initiative needs your help spreading the word about our workshops, services and resources across the San Francisco Bay Area.
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help us reach as many potential volunteers and legal permanent residents eligible to apply for citizenship as possible.